Dave Binnarr is the President of Grey Raven Group, which was founded in 2019. Grey Raven Group serves as a senior level advisory firm to a host of domestic and international clients, directly providing counsel to executives, government officials, and other organizations. Dave’s daily advisory activities are focused primarily on bridging capability gaps between industry and stakeholders, supporting clients who require executive client interfacing with senior government and military officials, reshaping businesses for strategic growth, establishing foundations for government and defense program capture, presenting “blue-ocean” product development opportunities, and enhancing operations efficiency.
Dave is a graduate of The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina and proudly served the U.S. Army as a soldier and civilian for 5 years. Since his time in service, Dave has continued his passion for serving, protecting, and defending our Nation through his business career and contract assignments, directly supporting missions CONUS and OCONUS. With over 20 years of military and government industry experience, Dave has advised, launched, and managed businesses and government programs worth over a combined value of $3 Billion dollars.
Dave’s former military and government service, operational experience in “C-Level” roles and hands on understanding of all levels of organizational management has allowed Grey Raven Group to build a team of agile, diverse, and seasoned professionals who put the customer’s mission first. Dave believes the foundation of all worthy endeavors is built on a foundation of fostering culture first. This is evident in Grey Raven Group’s recent nomination as a 2023 Aerospace and Defense Consulting Top 10 company, leading multiple Defense industry start-ups to success, and an unmatched client retention rate. Understanding that his success would not be possible without the military community he has grown and flourished within, Dave has a strong passion to give back to those who can never be repaid. Dave, his family, and his business regularly dedicate their time and resources to a variety of charitable groups, believing the most rewarding work they’ve performed thus far is through their involvement supporting Veteran and Special Needs focused charities.

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