Born and raised in Chicago Illinois where he lived until he graduated from High School in 1996. He then attended Spring hill college in Mobile Alabama for two years where he studied Marine Biology. In 1993 Andy enlisted in the US Army on an Airborne Infantry contract. He completed Jump school in 1993, and was stationed in Vicenza Italy for four years. His second duty station was at FT. Campbell KY where he tried out for the Long Range Reconnaissance Detachment. He applied for the Special Forces Selection and Assessment course in 2000. Andy then attended selection and was selected and went on to the Special Forces Qualification course in 2000 and graduated as an 18E (Special Forces Communications Sergeant. Andy was then stationed at FT Campbell in the 5th Special Forces Group. Andy then deployed to Kuwait in 2002 awaiting the invasion of Iraq. He deployed to Iraq for six, seven month Deployments, where he conducted countless operations to include; Kill or capture for multiple HVTs, Village Stability Operation. Key Leader Engagements, Personal Security detail, Long Range Reconnaissance, and Unconventional Warfare. Andy was promoted to Master Sergeant in 2011 and became the team Sergeant for ODA 5123 Mountain Detachment. He deployed ODA 5123 to Afghanistan twice in support of Operation Enduring freedom, where they set up one of the first Village Stability Camps in Kunduz Province. His last trip to Afghanistan was in a Direct-Action advisor for the Afghan Commandos and Special Forces. Andy retired in June of 2017, his top three awards he took with him include, two Bronze Stars and a meritorious service ribbon. Andy is currently Married with three children and lives outside of Nashville TN. Andy is currently the owner and operator of Leatherwood Distillery in Clarksville TN .

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